Thread subject: :: Empis - not scutellata but dimidiata

Posted by Sundew on 17-06-2021 13:24

According to the partly yellow antennae and the short first antennal segment I consider this male Empis scutellata. As far as I know there is no other member of subgenus Xanthempis that has such antennae. Seen in southwestern Germany (50 km west of Stuttgart) on 12th June.
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Posted by Sundew on 21-06-2021 02:43

Do you agree?

Posted by igor on 22-06-2021 06:12

This is Empis (Leptempis) dimidiata Meigen.
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Igor Shamshev

Posted by Sundew on 24-06-2021 00:55

Dear Igor, what a surprise! So this yellow one belongs to Leptempis. The species is said to be rare and endangered in Germany. I do not know any literature about it; is there a European Leptempis key where it is included? In Chvala (1994) it is not mentioned.

Posted by igor on 25-06-2021 18:39

There is no modern key for this complex of species. It includes three very similar European species (all with yellow mesoscutum and a median vitta): E. dimidiata Mg., E. mesogramma Loew and E. divisa Loew. You could find them in Lindner's "Die Fliegen, S. 401" (Rhagionempis =Leptempis), where E. monogramma Meig. = E. mesogramma Lw. and E. scutellariae Bezzi = E. dimidiata Mg.
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Posted by Sundew on 27-06-2021 14:22

Many thanks for the detailed answer!
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