Thread subject: :: Anthomyiidae laying eggs on Dianthus deltoides

Posted by Aiwok on 17-06-2021 13:38

Hi, I found this small fly probably laying eggs into a flower. (11.6.2021; 53.58451114462728, 9.834316230492263) The location is a small artificial dune with grey hair-grass, Jasione montana and of course Dianthus deltoides.
Is it possible to identify it?

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Posted by Juergen Peters on 17-06-2021 18:17

Female Anthomyiidae. Very difficult to ID from photos...

Posted by Aiwok on 18-06-2021 00:39

Well, the pictures show at least some features, but I based my hopes mostly on the oviposition. Laying eggs into Dianthus deltoides might narrow it down I guess. That is, if the ecology is known welll enough.
Let's see if I can manage to adapt the title a bit.
Regards, Jan

Posted by Aiwok on 25-06-2021 09:11

Looks like there is one more candidate to have a look at with regard to Anthomyiidae on dianthus. Yet it also no further than Anthomyiidae yet.
So double pull up.. I know Anthomyiidae tend to be difficult.