Thread subject: :: Which Myopa?

Posted by Joerg Schneider on 24-05-2021 22:16

My first thread here ever, and I must admit that I feel a little unsecure what to do. Picture taken in our garden, Rheinbach, near Bonn, 200m above sea level, huge forest starts behind the garden. I took picture end of April. Is it not possible to add more than one picture? What if experts need different views on the fly I want to have identified?

Posted by eklans on 25-05-2021 11:06

Hi Jörg, and welcome to
Adding of more pictures is no problem: click on NEW REPLY, add some text (like 2nd) and your photo.
Unfortunately I'm not expert enough to tell the Myopa species but here https://home.hccn...myopa.html you find van Veen's key which is very helpful.

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Posted by Joerg Schneider on 07-11-2023 23:41

Hi Eric, I should have looked at your advice from 2,5 years ago :-( Thank you for your comments, those and the new ones. So I will add some text when replying to add another pic! And I will use the special fora when availablle, such as for Syrphidae and, very important for my recent collection, Asilidae! One day I will succeed .... :-)